Satisfy your customers & increase your business by producing and selling Celestial Water at your location with our proven system.

Be environmentally proactive in your community with this eco-friendly, sustainable business.

Simple, easy operation and minimal maintenance. No prior experience necessary.

Includes all equipment, installation, training, support, licensing and marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much water can the system make per day?

The amount of water produced depends on both the temperature and the relative humidity (RH) – the higher these are, the more water is produced.
At 80°F and 80% RH, which are approximate annual average conditions for the Bahamas, the water production potential for the Fountain system is 204 gallons per day.
For the purposes of our financial projections, we use a conservative estimate of 150 gallons per day.

How much space is needed?

Outdoor space required for the AWG and water storage tank is approximately 100 sq. ft. Consideration should also be given to space for indoor storage of water bottles and containers, as necessary.

Are there any special power requirements?

Connection to single phase, 220V AC power is required, which needs to be on a separate 50A breaker.

How long does it take to order and install the system?

Lead time to shipment from USA once order and deposit are received is approximately one month. Estimated clearing and delivery time to site in Bahamas is approximately one month, depending on location. Installation on site takes approximately one to two days.

How much does it cost to become a Celestial Water Franchisee?

Our recommended “Fountain” package is $57,000 + $0.40/gallon produced. We can also custom design a system to fit your demand and site needs.

How long will it take to recoup my investment?

Estimated ROI on the Fountain package is approximately one year assuming 75% utilization of capacity.

What if I need help?

While our system is extremely simple to operate and maintain, as a Celestial Water Franchisee you’ll receive lifetime support from both Celestial Water Bahamas and Tsunami Products, the manufacturer of the AWG, should any problems arise. This includes remote video troubleshooting and diagnosis, and site visits if necessary. A supply of essential spare parts is included with your initial shipment, along with a detailed instruction and maintenance manual. Both Celestial Water Bahamas and the manufacturer have a vested interest in keeping you up and running!