Customer Testimonials

“What I like about Celestial Water is it’s a convenient and professional service that uses an innovative process to produce great tasting water in refillable bottles reducing single use plastics. It’s a win, win, win!”
~ Frank K., Hope Town

“In this wasteful world we live in of single-use plastic, it’s so refreshing to have easy access to fresh, clean tasting water, created from our own fresh air right here on Elbow Cay. Do yourselves and our little corner of the world a favor and give it a sip. It’s delicious!”
~ Beth C., Elbow Cay

“We love knowing where the water comes from and that it's a sustainable process for producing the water. We also love no longer needing to purchase water in plastic bottles. It's a bonus that it tastes great - much like rainwater, which we all grew up drinking in Hope Town.”
~ Caroline K., Hope Town

“I have had excellent results with Celestial Water. The quality and taste of the water is very good, and we have eliminated the handling of all plastic 5 gallon containers. I have no hesitation in recommending Celestial Water.”
~ Craig S., Lyford Cay

“I like the quality and taste — it almost tastes light like fresh rainwater.  Most important, no using plastic bottles and it’s easy to refill your jugs.  Plus, the pricing is very reasonable”
~ Hilary T., Elbow Cay

“Before I started drinking Celestial Water, I struggled to drink enough water because I'm not a big water drinker. The texture of this water is silky, smooth, a little sweet and I crave it! I drink so much water now, and when we don't have it, our regular filtered water tastes like a sewer, and I can't drink it! Celestial Water is energizing, delicious, and it makes me want to drink more. I feel it going into my cells, into my brain and everywhere it needs to go in my body. I honestly can't tell you enough about this water, I absolutely love it, and I'm not normally a big water drinker!”
~ Hope C., Elbow Cay

“Celestial Water is the best! Neil and Rachael will deliver the water to you or you can stop by their location and get a quick fill-up (and friendly conversation!) We purchased the 2-1/2 gallon reusable water dispenser which eliminates the single-use plastic bottles piling up in our house that eventually end up in the landfill. The dispenser fits easily in any refrigerator and makes it very convenient to pour a glass of cold, great-tasting water. Great tasting water, local business, and friendly owners. What’s not to like?  Try it and we think you will agree!”
~ Beth & Joe O’N., Hope Town & Cape Cod

“I find lots of good things about Celestial Water. No plastic small or large bottles! Great taste! Delivery straight to my home!”
~ Mary B., Elbow Cay

“Celestial Water is ingenious on so many levels: sustainability, making water from air; green; eliminating single use plastics; healthy, clean fresh water; and convenient, delivered to the door.”
~ Monica Mc.K., Hope Town

“I highly recommend Celestial Water, for numerous reasons: it is helping the environment by not purchasing plastic bottles, the taste is pleasing, and delivery is prompt. Thank you for offering this much need service to our
~ Patte M., Hope Town

“I was purchasing the plastic bottles in a store for my drinking water. You never know if the bottles have been sitting in the sun and for how long. Once I was told about Celestial Water, I wanted to try it. It has reached our household, and we are better off for it. The water is clean and crisp tasting. We get it filled when empty or they deliver to our home. And it’s so refreshing! I feel better that my body is cleansing with it. Our household goes through a lot of water each week. Just knowing nature provides the water makes me comfortable drinking it. Best water ever!”
~ Patti L., Elbow Cay

“In the short time that we had the opportunity to purchase and drink Celestial pure water, we could not drink enough of it! The “taste” of Celestial Water, or rather how “fresh" it feels in your mouth, is amazing. Easy reusable dispensing units, on your counter, or in your fridge have a classy look. Drinking Celestial Water not only tastes good but helps with doing your part in reducing the mess of plastic on this planet. Another plus is the service that comes along with delivering the water right to your residence, whenever you need it (and yes, on short notice)! Enjoy drinking this amazing natural drink! We will purchase again when we are back in Hope Town!!”
~ Phyllis & Neil D., Elbow Cay

“Personally, I like the idea that the water is condensed from the air and is not derived from saltwater, I like no single use plastic and the service is very good.”
~ Robert L., Elbow Cay

“We love the whole idea of the process because it is so environmentally friendly. The taste and quality of the water is wonderful, and we appreciate the delivery service”
~ Ruth H., Elbow Cay

“I just love this water. It tastes GREAT and it's refreshing. It's awesome.”
~ Sean K, Long Island