Celestial Water creates pure, structured water from clean tropical air in the Bahamas, which is only distributed in sustainable bottles and containers.

100% Pure, Structured, and Sustainable

The Mission

At Celestial Water, we passionately embark on a journey to provide a new standard of sustainable hydration, drawing inspiration from The Bahamian skies. Our mission is to offer pristine, structured water generated from the atmosphere, embodying the harmony of nature's design. Committed to our eco-friendly values, we aspire to quench thirst while safeguarding our planet, nurturing a future where every sip reflects our unwavering dedication to environmental preservation and personal well-being.

The Science

Celestial Water uses Atmospheric Water Generation technology to extract pure water from the moisture in the air and is continuously tested to ensure the highest quality and purity. This water is then harmonized into a highly structured state for optimal health and hydration. Structured water is a natural phase where water molecules form a gelatinous hexagonal lattice, allowing for easy movement in and out of our cells. This enhances hydration, digestion, detoxification, and overall vitality. Celestial Water is truly life-giving water!

The Sustainability

Celestial Water is only dispensed into reusable containers at authorized Celestial Water Depots, or delivered in our reusable, sanitized bottles and containers. We offer a climate-friendly and sustainable alternative to the traditional bottled water industry with its high carbon footprint and excessive plastic waste.

Did You Know?

According to the Air Quality Life Index - The Bahamas ranks within the top 25 countries with the highest air quality in the world -- meaning 100% pure and clean water!